We’re finally home owners!

After years of renting in London and dreaming of owning our own house we finally did it and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 It may have taken us longer than we’d have liked but we’re now in the midst of a huge renovation project that we’re desperately trying to complete before our baby arrives this summer eek!

I definitely think this will be a good before and after so I’m trying to document as much of the messy stuff to show you guys how we (hopefully) transform it. The house is a 1930’s property which was pretty run down but we could see there was lots of potential and after years of Pinterest planning I knew what I wanted to do with it.

We hired an architect and discussed our ideas as we knew we wanted to change the layout of downstairs and create a large open plan kitchen/dining area overlooking the back garden with lots of glass to let light in. We also wanted to add in a downstairs WC and utility space. Upstairs we decided to pretty much keep the same layout but the main bathroom was so tiny we added this on to the extension plans to create a nice large family bathroom.

Plans were sent off for council approval and everything was looking good, we found a builder and started to get things in motion and then Corona hit…unfortunately this did create some hold ups for us and as we were on a tight deadline of wanting to be complete and moved in before baby arrives we decided to put the extension on hold 🙁 Not ideal but the back up plan we’re now working on is completing all the interior building work we can, adding in the WC and utility downstairs and putting in a temporary bathroom & kitchen just to tide us over until we re-visit the extension plans. I was pretty upset when we had to make this decision but I think it’s for the best, it means we can move in, enjoy the space, get ourselves sorted before baby arrives and enjoy parenthood for a while. We will then look to start back on the extension asap when we think it’s a good time with the little one.

Not as we would have planned it like I said but I’m still so excited for the transformation and to be living in our new house which has a lovely garden we can enjoy this Summer. I’ve been longing for a garden the whole time I’ve lived in London so this really will feel like a treat for us!

So that’s our home and where we’re at with it – stay tuned for lots more updates and some transformation pics. Amy x


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