All that glitters is not gold

I’m a big believer that the right jewellery can really bring something to even the simplest of looks. A white T-shirt and jeans can be made into a super cool ‘model off duty’ vibe just by layering a couple of dainty gold necklaces together, as can a statement earring added to the same look with a pair of heels and suddenly you’re ready for a night out! It really does change the whole mood of an outfit in such an easy way. 

Being a bit of a magpie (if you can’t already tell) I’m also a big fan of mixing my jewellery tones, whether it be gold and silver or adding in a hint of rose gold to the mix! I personally don’t think you have to stick to the rules of only one metal at a time and I’m even into carrying on the look with metal hoops on bags, belts and shoes. 

What I’m wearing

My go to jewellery brands are Missoma and Areyouami for great necklaces and earrings to wear everyday. And then I like Zara, Mango, Topshop H&M and ASOS for some good throwaway high street pieces each season. I hardly ever take off my Missoma large horn necklace which is a great everyday piece.









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